Mostly utilized in greenhouse applications because of the two fold benefit of electricity and heat a Combined Heat Power (CHP) system (also known as cogeneration) is the use of a heat engine based power station to generate electricity, heat and C02. Lean burn natural gas generators produce electrical power. Waste exhaust heat is captured, re-purposed as thermal energy and stored as hot water use when needed. CO2 is released in the exhaust gas, scrubbed and converted to airborne C02 fertilizer and then introduced to the greenhouse to promote plant growth. It’s extremely efficient and can lead to very low plant input costs which can keep you cost competitive in a dynamic consistently changing marketplace.

Why Co Generation for your Greenhouse? 

  • CHP achieves up to 90% energy efficiency and utilization of power generated
  • Delivering a 30% reduction in energy costs & up to 30% increase in yields
  • Turnkey CHP system management from sizing, design, installation to ongoing operation & maintenance

Complete Turnkey Solutions:  

  • Power capacities of all ranges & sizes
  • New & Used generators available
  • Operator training & start up assistance
  • On site maintenance & refueling
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Engineering assistance






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