For Sale: 150KW Onan/ Cummins Natural Gas Generator (100 hours)

This is another good low hour used natural gas generator that is ideal for providing prime or back up (emergency) power for agricultural operations. As all units we sell it is load tested and comes with a warranty. Depending on your location/ situation we can provide support in the commissioning process. 
Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Onan Engines
Family: Generator Sets: Gas
Model: GGKD
Service Meter: 687.0
ID Number: EE16284
Serial Number: F000116030
– 150KW Cummins / Onan – natural gas generator
– Model # GGKD-4483142,
-Serial Number F000116030,
– 100 Hours Since New in 2000,
– Analog control panel 
– GEN END (Reconnectable),
– Ignition, Electronic Governor,
– Electric start
– Radiator cooled, water jacket
– Heater, low gas pressure 
– Metal weather enclosure with breaker 
– Muffler installed on roof. 
This is another example of a low hour multi use application generator ideal for commercial activities (i.e. no grid connection, poor utility connection, limited power supply, future microgrid application. etc.) 
Contact us directly for more details. 


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