For Sale: 480KW Cummins Natural Gas Generator – Used (433 Hours)

For Sale, used 1999 Cummins low hours generator.
Comes with warranty, has been load tested and can be shipped worldwide.
Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Cummins Engine Co
Family: Generator Sets: Gas
Model: GTA 28
Service Meter: 434.0
ID Number: EE16638
Serial Number: 25246723
– 480KW CUMMINS Natural Gas
– SN: 25246723
– 433 HRS SINCE NEW IN 1999
– ONAN Analog Control Panel
– Stamford Generator Fram
– HCI534D1, Altronic Ignition
– Electronic governor
– Electronic Start, Alternator, Main Breaker
– Full Weatherproof Enclosure
-Dual Mufflers
-758 HP, WINDING 311
This is a good commercial application unit. If you are interested to learn more about it, shipping options, commissioning and start up options please reach out directly. 

For Sale: 150KW Onan/ Cummins Natural Gas Generator (100 hours)

This is another good low hour used natural gas generator that is ideal for providing prime or back up (emergency) power for agricultural operations. As all units we sell it is load tested and comes with a warranty. Depending on your location/ situation we can provide support in the commissioning process. 
Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Onan Engines
Family: Generator Sets: Gas
Model: GGKD
Service Meter: 687.0
ID Number: EE16284
Serial Number: F000116030
– 150KW Cummins / Onan – natural gas generator
– Model # GGKD-4483142,
-Serial Number F000116030,
– 100 Hours Since New in 2000,
– Analog control panel 
– GEN END (Reconnectable),
– Ignition, Electronic Governor,
– Electric start
– Radiator cooled, water jacket
– Heater, low gas pressure 
– Metal weather enclosure with breaker 
– Muffler installed on roof. 
This is another example of a low hour multi use application generator ideal for commercial activities (i.e. no grid connection, poor utility connection, limited power supply, future microgrid application. etc.) 
Contact us directly for more details. 


Generator For Sale: Kohler 200 KW Natural Gas – 700 Hours

200RZD Kohler
We have multiple different used generator makes and models available. Applications these are mainly used for are backup power or emergency power for facilities that have critical needs. Having an extended power loss can be catastrophic for a cultivators growth cycle. Continuous electrical power is mandatory, especially in today’s increasingly automated grows with complex systems. We can ship worldwide. Call for more info.
Year:  2000
Manufacturer:  Kohler
Family:  Natural Gas
Model:  200RZD
Service Meter:  737.0
ID Number:  EE16551
Serial Number:  0677238
  • Series 60, Natural Gas Generator (Fixed)
  • 700 Hours Since New in 2000
  • Analog Kohler Control Panel
  • 240/480V Electric Ignition
  • Governor, Electric start, Alternator
  • Liquid cooled with full Metal Radiator
  • Equipped with enclosure, muffler and sound deadening baffle
  • 6063TKG5, SPEC 343333, DETROIT
  • UNIT# 06R0601912
  • Serial Number 0677238
  • Limited Warranty

Solar Shade Canopy & EV Charger Install

Another example of one of our combined rooftop and solar carport renewable energy systems. Solar shade parking canopies are a huge benefit especially in the summer months when it’s 100+ degrees outside. This system provides energy for both our client’s commercial facility as well as keeping their electric vehicle (EV) fully charged. Contact us today for more information on solar & EV charging solutions for your employees or EV fleet vehicles.







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For Sale : 150KW Caterpillar Natural Gas Generator MODEL #: 3406SINA

We have acquired a good working low hour used Caterpillar (CAT) Natural Gas Generator that is now available for sale.

Here are the details:

  • 1997 Model Year
  • Caterpillar (CAT) digital control panel
  • Serial Number 4FD1631
  • CAT SR-4 GEN Altrnonic Ignition
  • Woodward Governor
  • Electric Start
  • 500 amp main breaker
  • Water cooled manifold installed radiator
  • Weather proof Closure

This is a great unit for backup power for a facility with crucial need for ongoing power in the time of a power loss. It can be coupled with batteries and PV solar for a micro grid for off grid power generation. Call for more details

Photos with weather enclosure removed: