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Whether you have tax appetite and prefer a cash deal or you want to leverage a $0 down power purchase scenario, Canna Solar commercial solar financing partners will work with you to maximize your equipment investment goals. We will help guide you through the options available to you and recommend the best fit for your organization.

Solar Finance Options to Meet Your Needs

One of the ways we help you maximize your investment by making the right decision about project financing. 280E is a big hurdle and the traditional banking system won’t work with cannabis related business. However, there are financial opportunities available for growers who have solid financials, are organized, legal and demonstrate they pay their bills on time.

Capital Lease
Looking to reduce your long term energy costs without making a significant up front cash outlay? We offer solar leasing solutions tailored to your company’s specific financial objectives. The most common approach is a capital lease. This is $0 up front cash outlay, 7 year term with a $1 buyout. You own the equipment while still being able to leverage the incentives. (Tax Credits, Depreciation etc.)
Operating Lease

This approach is the lowest cost of ownership when acquiring solar for your grow. It’s almost identical to the capital lease, 7 year term, $1 buyout however you are foregoing all the incentives. In some cases this is perfect for an organization that is structured in a way so that it cannot leverage incentives. Depending on your situation you may want to use this approach.

Cash Purchase
For companies interested in owning a solar system, a cash purchase has a high return on investment and allows the business to take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  This is the easiest approach for growers that have cash on hand and cannot or do not want to secure any financing.
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