Generators are an important component for back up power (emergency), secondary or primary power.  They are especially vital for growers who cannot afford to lose their utility connection. Plants in the middle of a grow cycle do not respond well to loss of light, changes in temperature or humidity. Full power loss can be disastrous to a crop or your business cycle.  We fill that gap by providing cost effective generator solutions with both new and used units.


Applications include:

Microgrid: Generators, Photovoltaic PV Solar & Batteries

A microgrid is a localized energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. In most all cases grows that do not have a utility grid connection will need to create their own power independently.  Microgrids are powered by distributed generators, batteries, and solar panels.  If you are growing in a region where utility power loss is common then you can incorporate a microgrid for your facility. A switch can separate your microgrid from the main grid automatically or manually, and it then functions as an island.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP): This is also commonly referred to co-generation.

Combined heat and power systems provide a profitable and sustainable solution for greenhouses. By generating thermal energy and electrical energy simultaneously, a CHP system can yield a fuel efficiency rate over 90% versus the typical boiler efficiency of 40-50%. Typical payback on these systems is less than 3-4 years. A natural gas fueled engine can be configured specifically for applications involving heat recovery. The engine drives a generator for greenhouse facilities to produce electricity, while jacket water and exhaust cooling circuits are fed through heat exchangers to transfer the waste heat from the engine to a hot water holding tank. That hot water is stored and used to keep the greenhouse warm. Oxidation catalysts can be used to remove carbon monoxide, and a urea based SCR system is employed to reduce NOx to just a few parts per million. The result is an exhaust gas so clean it is piped to the greenhouse plants’ roots as a fertilizer, boosting crop yields.

BackUp Power: Diesel, Natural Gas, Liquid Propane fuel generators in case of utility power loss

Backup generators are a necessity to keep a grow running around the clock. From very sophisticated to basic grows automation is integral to efficiency in operation. Keeping the lights on, running fans, pumps, humidity control applications etc are all essential to keeping the plant happy. Backup power generation is mandatory in locations where the utility power loss is common, especially in California with wildfires and the eastern seaboard with hurricanes.

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