Tax Reform Act and its Impact on Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry

Understanding Taxation is an integral component of running a successful business. The cannabis industry is no different. Looking to learn? There is an upcoming webinar from Cannabis Business Executive that is an excellent source of information for growers in Maryland. Register today at



Historically, tax laws have been a weapon used against the cannabusiness industry.  The December 2017 tax act has changed the tax environment, affecting every taxpayer.  Many of the cornerstone issues were added or changed in the last days before the passage of the legislation. The IRS and state administrators are evaluating the effects of these additions and changes.  This presentation will highlight areas that both benefit and hurt cannabusiness taxpayers.

Angelo Poletis, CPA
Principal, SC&H Audit & Tax Advisory Services

As a principal with SC&H Audit & Tax Advisory Services, Angelo assists clients with complex federal and state income tax issues. Angelo focuses on middle and large market clients, where he provides planning and compliance experience to create tax efficient structures. With specific knowledge of the complex tax regulations facing cannabusinesses Angelo specializes in serving these companies and planning around the unique tax and business issues they face. Angelo is experienced in providing tax planning for clients in various industries at both the entity level and for the equity-owner. His knowledge of U.S. income tax issues, including entity structure and accounting methods, for pass-through entities continues to be of great value to clients.

Stephen Bishop, CPA

Senior Manager, SC&H Audit & Tax Advisory Services

A senior manager with SC&H Group and a member of the SC&H Group Medical Cannabis Advisory Services. Stephen has experience serving emerging companies and a deep insight into the taxation of cannabusinesses. Stephen has presented several webinars and has been guest speaker at numerous events focusing on the medical cannabis industry including IRC Section 280E and planning with regards to multiple lines of businesses. His areas of expertise beyond cannabis include Partnership and S-Corp taxation with a focus on the real estate industry where he provides planning and compliance experience, and consults on creating tax efficient structures for his clients.

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