The 3 Types of Onsite Commercial Solar Installations

Canna Solar offers a variety of solar equipment options for you to choose from when you go solar. One of our most popular equipment product lines is Sunpower, a US solar panel company.


When you decide to move forward with solar for your business, the placement and type of commercial solar installation used are usually determined by the physical characteristics of your site. This video overviews the three typical onsite solar installation methods, including rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted arrays and carport solar panels. It also covers some of the reasons why you might consider each.


When you’re first investigating the possibility of implementing a commercial solar installation, the future looks bright. It’s exciting to think about the energy cost savings and the environmental and social benefits this clean, renewable resource will bring to your business. 

Your solar panel installation process will vary in time and complexity depending on the type you’re planning. For example, rooftop solar panels installed on commercial buildings take significantly less time than field or solar carport projects. Whichever type of solar power solution you choose, construction will follow the four basic steps outlined below.

1. Site Assessment

Every commercial solar installation project requires planning in advance to ensure a smooth construction process. This due diligence can include:

  • The physical evaluation of the proposed site—whether it’s a structural evaluation of a building or in-depth topographical and geological surveys of a proposed worksite.
  • Legal review of title reports and other records to confirm your right to build.
  • Determining where your new system will hook into the power grid when completed.

We take care of all of these aspects of the construction of your solar system install. This is all handled by our staff and all costs associated with the assessment period are carried by our organization even if you do not move forward on your project.

2. Engineering and Commercial Solar Panel Design

In the second phase, conceptual ideas and initial plans are formalized. Early Design Drawings show where the solar panels for your business will be placed and help lock down exactly what will happen once construction begins. You can expect to review Permit Drawings, used to obtain various building permits. Toward the end of this phase, you’ll also review Construction Drawings, which are the blueprints for all the commercial solar installation work to follow. We think creatively to find ways to maximize your properties space resources in order to install a system type that will provide you with the most amount of value.

3. Construction and Solar Panel System Commissioning

Depending on the type of project, construction can take as little as 5 weeks for simple installations, and up to 12 weeks or longer for more complex projects. Expect some periodic interruptions to your organization’s daily routine during construction. For example, you may need to find alternate parking options or accommodate temporary power shutdowns. These inconveniences can be minimized with a well-thought-out project plan.

After construction comes commissioning—the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the final “okay” where we confirm that your new commercial solar installation was built according to plan and operates within acceptable parameters, and the utility grants permission to operate.

4. Solar Panel Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

A properly maintained and serviced commercial solar installation can provide decades of clean, reliable energy and it begins on the first day your new solar system comes online. This final phase launches the decisions outlined in your original contract that specify your organization’s level of involvement in O&M going forward. We offer an initial 3 year operation and maintenance schedule that includes panel cleaning. We have semi annual and annual inspections as well as monthly performance reports, up to the gold standard of O&M: a performance guarantee.

Contact us today at 480.636.0321 to learn how solar can make your business a more lean profitable operation.

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