Sunpower Solar Carports and Solar Canopies

Solar carports also known as “solar canopies” are an increasingly popular type of onsite commercial solar installation. These versatile structures offer features that provide more than just long term energy savings including covered parking, solar parking lot lights and integrated vehicle charging stations. 

This is a simple video of a typical Sunpower carport structure we install for our clients for a commercial solar panel carport solar system. Check it out, this might be the right solution for your organization.

In general these are one of the most common dual purpose solar systems. They add value in terms of solar electricity, covered parking for staff of customers and maximize limited space in urban solar installation scenarios. One of the biggest benefits of a commercial solar system is they can stabilize a business’ cash flow. This can also provide an opportunity to invest energy savings in various areas of the company or organization.

Call us today at 480-636-0321 to learn how much we can help lower your operating costs with a renewable energy solar system by Sunpower. 

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