APS spends $11 million, can’t keep renewable initiative off the ballot

For those who work in the renewable energy industry here in Arizona you’re probably smiling ear to ear when reading this headline. It’s astonishing really because Arizona Public Service (APS) has continually worked to try to diminish the value proposition of roof top solar here in the state. They are not alone as a utility. Salt River Project (SRP) has more or less done the same thing. In 2015 SRP approved rate hikes and demand fees for residential roof top solar. That effectively dropped new solar applications 90% over night. SRP isn’t under the Arizona Corporation Commissions (ACC) regulation. It’s governed by a board of directors that makes independent decisions about how rate plans, billing mechanisms, net metering policies etc. That board of directors is slowly but surely changing as more “renewable energy friendly” board members are being voted in to replace the old crowd.


It’s very possible we can see another change on the horizon. It’s where the voting citizens of Arizona can actually have their “will” fulfilled by holding our public institutions accountable for the health of our environment and community.  That said, it’s we are no way out of the water yet!  APS is fighting this ballot initiative tooth and nail. Earlier today, AZ Central reported that Arizonans for Affordable Electricity, a political action committee whose funding comes from Arizona Public Service Co. parent company Pinnacle West Capital Corp., claim proponents of the clean energy plan did not gather enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.  To top it off they are now suing to keep this initiative off the ballot. This means that we, who believe in sustainability and a new economy for tomorrow need to stay vigilant.  We must continue to support the fight for higher levels of sustainability and renewable energy in Arizona.

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