For Sale: Used CAT (Caterpillar) 378 hours 1998 GAS 3512SITA “RICH BURN” Low Gas Pressure 570KW/208V generator.

We just acquired and have For Sale, a Low Hour (378 hours) used CAT (Caterpillar) 1998 GAS 3512SITA “RICH BURN” Low Gas Pressure 570KW/208V unit. This is an ideal cost effective source of power as a back up unit for “off grid” scenarios. We will design & install this unit to our CAT MICROGRID (solar, battery, generator) for clients that have isolated properties with high electricity demands that cannot connect to the utility. Alternatively, this is the ideal generator to provide emergency power for businesses that suffer from consistent utility power loss due to natural disaster events such as wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. Contact me for more details on this specific unit or how we can evaluate your situation for backup & emergency power.