The Basic Components of a Commercial Solar Panel System

How do solar panels work? What is the photovoltaic effect? What are the basic components of a commercial solar panel installation?

Honestly, solar is super simple.

This video overviews the typical commercial solar panel system components and how solar panels produce electricity. Really basic stuff but it’s part of the education process of helping people understand renewable energy and solar systems. It even covers potential savings to your average electric bill with solar panels.



So if you’re considering installing solar for your business, invest the 80 seconds to watch. Depending on your situation and need we install a variety of different solar panel manufacturers for our customers solar systems. We have a lot of flexibility but lean on the equipment that offers the maximum amount of value for each situation. Sunpower is known in the solar community as one of the best if not the best equipment manufacturer in the industry. It’s truly a superior product in many ways and one of our best selling products. Call today to learn more about how solar can help your business lower it’s electricity costs and save your business money.